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Type harvester head
Part number 63HD
Location Portugal Rio Maior
Placed on Sep 16, 2019
Autoline ID PN16800
Condition used

More details:

Cabeça processadora madeira Lako Forest 63 HD

Tree trunk broach - Tronco Arvore
Tree handling capacity(Mm) 50-650
Speed(M/s) 0-6
Feeding force(кN) 20-32

Hydraulic chain saw - Serra Corte hidraulica
Step Chain (Inch) 0,404
Speed Chain(M/s) 42
Saw bar length(Cm) 80
Cross cutting (Mm) 680

Delimbing - Percurso
Delimbing diameter(Mm) 50-630

Size and Weight - Dimensões / Peso
Weight of the head from (Kg) 1220
Maximum length (Mm) 1500
Maximum width (Mm) 1480
Height in up / tilt postions (Mm)1150/1460

Hydraulic system - Sistema Hidraulico
Recommended flow (L/min) 190-230
Operating pressure (Bar) 220-280
Required hydraulic power (kW) 70-100

Basic machine - Maquina Rastos/rodas
Required carrier weight (Tons) 18-28

Nota: Não inclui o comando / doesn´t includ the control unit
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